C. Aultman Co.


FirmennameC. Aultman Co.
OrtssitzCanton (Ohio)
Art des UnternehmensMaschinenfabrik
AnmerkungenWerk auch in Akron. Um 1868 als "C. Aultman & Co." angegeben. Bezeichnet sich um 1900 als "The Aultman Co." [Katalog]. Eine undatierte Firmenschrift bei eBay enthält die Angabe: "Engines and threshers manufactured by The Aultman Co., sold by Kenyon-Rosing Machinery Company", deren Hauptsitz in Minneapolis, Minn. Wurde später die "Aultman Taylor Machinery Co." (s.d.) (die auch gleichzeitig existierte; [Norbeck] gibt Fotos von 1889-1905 bzw. 1900-1924 wieder). Vergl. auch "Aultman Steel Co."
Quellenangaben[Norbeck: Encycl. of Am. steam tract. engines (1976) 64] [Wiley: American iron trade manual (1874) 109] [Bishop: History of American manufacturers 3 (1868) 466]


Zeit Ereignis
1831 Gründung
1851 Beginn mit der Herstellung von Öfen und Pflügen mit sehr beschränktem Kapital.
1855 Die Fabrik wird durch Feuer zerstört und mit Hilfe prominenter Leute der Stadt in größerem Umfange wieder aufgebaut.
1859 George B. Stevenson macht eine Lehre in der Maschinenwerkstatt "C. Aultman & Co.", Canton, Ohio.
1863 Herstellung von 6.000 "Buckeye Mower and Reaper"n
1863 Eine große Zweigfabrik, die $150.000 kostet, wird in Akron, Ohio, gebaut.
1864 Herstellung von 7.000 "Buckeye Mower and Reaper"n
04.1865 George B. Stevenson kehrt von Galion (Ohio) wieder zu "Aultman & Co." zurück.
11.1865 George B. Stevenson verläßt "Aultman & Co." und zieht nach Upper Sandusky, wo er das kleine Unternehmen von John Carns kauft, den Sitz der späteren "Stevenson Engine Works"


Produkt ab Bem. bis Bem. Kommentar
Dampftraktoren 1889 [Norbeck (1976) 65] 1905 [Norbeck (1976) 68] um 1900: "Star Engines"
Dreschmaschinen 1891 [Threshers and Engines (1891)] 1891 [Threshers and Engines (1891)] Um 1900 "The American Thresher"
fahrbare Lokomobilen 1900 Katalog um 1900 1900 Katalog um 1900 um 1900: "Phoenix Engines": vmtl. Flammrohrkessel, Schornstein über der Hinterachse; "Monitor Engines" mit stehendem Kessel
landwirtschaftliche Maschinerie 1874 [Wiley: American iron trade (1874)] 1891 [Threshers and Engines (1891)] Vorgabe: Agricultural machinery


Zeit gesamt Arbeiter Angest. Lehrl. Kommentar
1874 300        


TEXTWho supply the Western and Southern States with Mowers, Reapers, and Threshers to the amount of a million of dollars annually, commenced business in Canton in 1851, as manufacturers of Stoves and Ploughs, with a very limited capital. In 1855, their Works were destroyed by fire, but through the aid of prominent men of the city they succeeded in rebuilding them on a larger scale, and equipping them with a great variety of suitable machinery for manufacturing Mowing, Reaping, and Threshing Machines, to which they then exclusively devoted themselves, meeting with extraordinary success. The "Buckeye Mower and Reaper", manufactured at their Works, is one of the most popular machines ever introduced to agriculturists; for though the firm in 1863 made six thousand, and in 1864 seven thousand, the demand Was not half supplied. It combines a series of improvements, the inventions of the mechanics of this firm, which have been elsewhere alluded to. Besides Mowers and Reapers, Messrs. Aultman & Co. manufacture annually about three hundred Threshing Machines called the "Sweepstake Thresher", for which the demand is very great. The members of this firm, beginning as humble mechanics, have been remarkably successful, and besides owning real and personal estate, they are also the proprietors of the "First National Bank of Canton." The death of one of their firm has induced them, in order to avoid the legal consequences of such an event in the future, to obtain a Charter of Incorporation, and they are now a corporation styled "C. Aultman & Co.", with a capital of 450.000, all paid in. In 1863, a large branch of their establishment, costing 150.000, was built at Akron, Ohio, which is also in a very flourishing condition.
QUELLE[Bishop: History of American manufacturers 3 (1868) 466]