David Rowan & Co.


FirmennameDavid Rowan & Co.
Stra├čeElliot Street
Art des UnternehmensMaschinen- und Kesselfabrik
Anmerkungen1895: "David Rowan & Son". Liegt an der Nordseite des Clyde.
Quellenangabenhttp://hhpl.on.ca/GreatLakes/Documents/Brookes/search.asp; Internet, div. Stellen; http://www.clydesite.co.uk [Institution of Mechanical Engineers (1895) 497]


Zeit Ereignis
1865 Gr├╝ndung durch David Rowan


Produkt ab Bem. bis Bem. Kommentar
Schiffsdampfkessel 1895 [Inst. of Mechanical Engineers (1895) 497] 1895 [Inst. of Mechanical Engineers (1895) 497]  
Schiffsdampfmaschinen 1895 [Inst. of Mechanical Engineers (1895) 497] 1903 f├╝r "Keramiai" = "Ringulv" f├╝r die "Campania", ex "North": d= 26/52", h= 33"
Schiffsdampfturbinen 1948        


Zeit gesamt Arbeiter Angest. Lehrl. Kommentar
1895 400       ca. 400


TEXTThe trade carried on is the manufacture of marine engines and boilers of all types and sizes, together with the auxiliary machinery usual on board ship. The engine works proper consist of two bays running north and south. That on the west is the erecting shop, which is lighted from the roof and sides, and in it are placed the boring, drilling, tapping, and studding machines. The machine shop for heavy work occupies the ground floor of the east bay; and the first floor of the same wing serves as the machine shop for light work and the finishing shop, while the uppermost floor forms the pattern shop. Further east, and separated from the engine shop by the yard, is the smiths' shop, fitted with a forging furnace, eleven smiths', fires, and several steam-hammers.

On the southern boundary of the works is the boiler shop, which consists of two bays running east and west. In one of these are placed the smiths' fires, flanging hammers, etc.; and all the internal parts of the boilers are here put together. In the other and outer bay, the work of rolling and drilling the shell-plates, and of riveting and finishing the boilers is carried out.
QUELLE[Institution of Mechanical Engineers (1895) 497]