Fairbanks, Morse & Co.


FirmennameFairbanks, Morse & Co.
OrtssitzChicago (Ill.)
Art des UnternehmensPumpenfabrik
AnmerkungenBis ca. 1874 in St. Johnsbury (Vt.) unter der Firma "E. & T. Fairbanks & Co." (s.d.). Teilhaber: Charles Hosmer Morse (*1833 St. Johnsbury Center, Vt.; +1921 vmtl. Winter Park, Fda.). Auch in Montreal; seit 1876 dort auch eine Fabrik. [http://www.tschoepe.de/auktion57/auktion57.htm] nennt f├╝r die Gr├╝ndung: 1864 in Cincinnati. [Pen and sunlight ... St. Louis]: in St. Johnsbury (Vt), in St. Louis mit Gesch├Ąft in der Washington Avenue 302-304 und Werkstatt in der Second / Brooklyn Street.
Quellenangabenhttp://siarchives.si.edu/findingaids/FARU0081.htm; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairbanks-Morse [Pen and sunlight sketches of Saint Louis (1892) 131]


Zeit Ereignis
1823 Gr├╝ndung der Ursprungsfirma: Der Erfinder Thaddeus Fairbanks gr├╝ndet ein Eisenwerk in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, um seine Erfindungen, einen Pflug aus Gu├čeisen und einen Heizofen, zu bauen.
1876 Die Firma kommt nach Montreal
1893 Baubeginn von Kerosin-Motoren
1905 Baubeginn von Kohlegas-Motoren
1913 Baubeginn von Semi-Dieselmotoren
1924 Baubeginn von Dieselmotoren


Produkt ab Bem. bis Bem. Kommentar
Automobile         kleine St├╝ckzahl
Dampfkessel 1901 [Beat grower's manual (1901) S. I] 1901 [Beat grower's manual (1901) S. I]  
Dampfmaschinen 1901 [Beat grower's manual (1901) S. II] 1901 [Beat grower's manual (1901) S. II] Sonst nur bei der Beschreibung des Y-VA-Dieselmotors in Useppa Island, Florida, erw├Ąhnt. 1901: Corliss-Maschinen
Dampfpumpen 1903 Katalog (um 1903) eBay 1914 Katalog (um 1914) eBay Abbildungen einer gr├Â├čeren, stehenden Duplexpumpe mit zwei S├Ąulen und oben liegenden Dampfzylindern sowie kleine und mittlere liegende Duplexpumpen. Hersteller der "Underwriter Fire Pump" (schwungradlos).
Diesellokomotiven 1944 1000-PS-Rangierlok f├╝r Milwaukee RR 1963 letzte nach Mexiko; letzte USA: 1958 Lokomotivwerk in Kingston (1969 nach einem Streik geschlossen). 1994: erneut nach der Erwerbung von ALCO
Dieselmotoren 1913 1913: Semi-Diesel; 1924: richtige Diesel      
Draisinen 1906 [Katalog: Railway supplies (1906)] 1906 [Katalog: Railway supplies (1906)] "railway velocipedes"
Gasmaschinen 1893 Beginn      
Handwagen   um 1910     "hand trucks"
Krane         kleine St├╝ckzahl
Pumpen 1903 Katalog (um 1903) bei eBay 1902 Katalog (um 1903) bei eBay 1903 Abb. von dampf- und riemengetriebenen liegenden Pumpen
Schreibmaschinen   um 1910      
Traktoren   um 1910      
Windr├Ąder   Weiterf├╝hrung, ex "E. & T. Fairbanks" 1925 Instructions No. 2656 B Produktion der "Eclipse Windmill pumps" von L. Wheeler. 8'-, 10'- und 12'-Typen "WG", auf Holz- und Stahlt├╝rmen


THEMABeschreibung, einschl. Filiale St. Louis
TEXTThere are very few older established, and certainly no more widely and favorably known industrial concerns the world over than that of Messrs. E. & T. Fairbanks & Co., the great scale manufacturers of St. Johnsbury, Vt., whose St. Louis house, conducted under the firm style of Fairbanks, Morse & Co., occupies the premises No. 302 and 304 Washington avenue, and warehouse and repair shop, Second and Brooklyn. The productions of this remarkable house are to be found on every part of the civilized globe, and positively hold the lead of the market wherever introduced. The history of the house, from its foundation in 1830, in a modest and unpretentious way on the Sleepers river in the Green Mountain state, would be not only a tedious undertaking, but the story has been so often told, and is so familiar to all acquainted with the annals of the scale making industry that to attempt its amplification were indeed a work of supererogation. Consequently, we shall content ourselves, as this work treats mainly of the industry of to-day, with a simple recapitulation of statistics and figures. To-day the modest venture of Erastus and Thaddeus Fairbanks is represented by a colossal corporation, the largest of its type in the universe, turning out, irrespective of other mechanical contrivances, no less than 2,000 finished scales weekly, and furnishing constant employment to upward of 1,000 skilled operatives. The St. Louis branch is also a corporate organization (apart from the Eastern house), and is capitalized at $1,000,000, and officered as follows: President, C. H. Morse; secretary, W. A. Miller; treasurer, C. A. Sharpe; vice-president, W. P. Fairbanks. The premises here occupied comprise a commodious four-story and basement brick building, 50x150 feet in area, with immense warehouse at Second and Brooklyn streets. This being the chief house west of Chicago, and from which is controlled the Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Illinois, Indian Territory and Texas business, it may be imagined the stock is a colossal one, and these interests are most ably looked after in St. Louis by Mr. H. C. McClary, as general manager, whose twenty-four years service with the company eminently fits him for that responsible office. To expatiate on the merits of the Fairbanks scales would be superflous. Suffice it to say that the aim of the company has been to achieve the reputation of making the best scale in the world. This house is likewise selling agency for the celebrated Eclipse windmills and tanks, steam engines, the Hancock inspirator, Smith Vaile single, duplex and compound steam pumps, Rice automatic engine, also trucks, letter presses, coffee mills and grocers' general fixtures.
QUELLE[Pen and sunlight sketches of Saint Louis (1892) 131]