Joseph C. Todd


FirmennameJoseph C. Todd
OrtssitzNew York (N.Y.)
Stra├čeBarclay Street 10
Art des UnternehmensMaschinenfabrik
AnmerkungenSiehe auch in Paterson, N.J. (dort sind B├╝ro und Fabrik). Um 1877/1884 als "J. C. Todd". B├╝ro und Gesch├Ąft 1877: Barclay Street 10; 1884/86: Dey Street 30. Bezeichnet sich um 1884 als "Engineer and machinist"
Quellenangaben[Scientific American 36 (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige] [Real estate record and builders' guide, 08.11.1884, S. VII]


Zeit Ereignis
1844 Gr├╝ndung der Firma "Todd & Rafferty" um 1844. - Nach dem tode von Rafferty wird Todd der Alleininhaber.


Produkt ab Bem. bis Bem. Kommentar
Dampfmaschinen 1877 [Sc. Am. (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige] 1877 [Sc. Am. (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige] Bau vmtl. in Paterson (N.J.)
Flachs-, Hampf- und Jutemaschinen 1877 [Sc. Am. (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige] 1877 [Sc. Am. (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige]  
Kessel 1877 [Sc. Am. (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige] 1877 [Sc. Am. (1877) Nr. 8: Anzeige]  

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Zeit Bezug Abfolge andere Firma Kommentar
1 Umbenennung zuvor Todd & Rafferty Machine Co. zwischen 1874 und 1877


TEXTThe annually increasing demand for steam power and machinery of all kinds throughout the United States necessitates correspondingly extensive facilities for their production, hence the manufacture of steam engines and machinery constitutes a very important branch of industry. Among the well known and popular houses employed in this line of trade is that of Mr. Joseph C. Todd, whose office and store are located at No. 36 Dey Street. The works are situated at Paterson, N. J., and are very spacious and commodious, equipped with all the latest improved tools and appliances, employment being given to four hundred skilled and experienced operatives. This house was originally founded by Messrs. Todd & Rafferty about forty years ago, and was continued by them with great success until Mr. Rafferty died, leaving Mr. Todd sole proprietor. Mr. Todd devotes his attention to the production of cut-off and slide valve horizontal, vertical, portable, hoisting yacht and tug engines and boilers, and is sole owner and manufacturer of "The New Patent Baxter Portable Engine." Flax, jute, hemp, rope, oacum, bagging and binder twine machinery is likewise carefully made, and Mr Todd is agent for "Mayher's Patent Acme Steam Engine and Force Pump combined", and manufactures saw mill and machinists' tools of every description. The facilities and appliances of this house for the production of first-class work in these lines are unsurpassed in the metropolis, and the engines turned out by this establishment bear the highest reputation for quality of materials, workmanship and durability. In every respect this house may be considered a representative one, prompt, liberal and enterprising, and its operations are conducted with a strict regard for the interests of its patrons.
QUELLE[New Yorks great industries (1884) 405]