Wheeler & Melick Co.


FirmennameWheeler & Melick Co.
OrtssitzAlbany (N.Y.)
Art des UnternehmensMaschinenfabrik
AnmerkungenDie Schreibweise "Wheeler, Melick & Co." 1874 und in diversen anderen Quellen. Schreibweise lt. Briefbogen und Firmenwerbung: "Wheeler & Melick Co." (daher wohl richtig). Sind Eigentümer von "New York State Agricultural Works" (s.d.)
Quellenangaben[Wiley: American iron trade manual (1874) 65] http://www.owwm.com/MfgIndex/detail.asp?ID=886 [Bishop: History of American manufacturers 3 (1868) 240]


Zeit Ereignis
1836 Patentierung eines Göpels mit Endlos-Kette zum Antrieb von Dreschmaschinen
1849 Alonzo Wheeler (geb. 12.01.1805; gest. 1867) verlegt seine Firma von Chatham (N.Y.) nach Albany und setzt sie unter der Firma "Wheeler, Melick & Company" fort. - Er betrieb die Firma in Chatham zusammen mit seinem Bruder, William Conner Wheeler als Fenster-, Türen- und Jalousienfabrik und baute auch landwirtschaftliche Geräte.
1849 Gründung von "Wheeler, Melick & Co." als Nachfolger von "A. & W. C. Wheeler", die ursprünglich in Chatham, New York, gegründet wurde.


Produkt ab Bem. bis Bem. Kommentar
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TEXTWe believe that but one of the firms that were engaged in making Agricultural Implements in Albany in 1860, remains unchanged, namely, that of Wheeler, Melick & Co., who have been established there since 1849. They are the successors of A. & W. C. Wheeler, originally established at Chatham, New York, and who, it is said, built the first successful railroad, or endless chain horse-power of single gear, now so extensively used in driving threshing machines and sawing wood for railroads. It was patented in 1836. The firm at the present time have very extensive works, provided with all the most approved labor-saving machines, including some which are not in use in other similar manufactories. A mortising machine, invented by one of the firm, has, it is believed, no superior for rapid and effective work. Their manufactures include, besides the usual agricultural machines, a number of special and patented articles in extensive demand. Their Combined Thresher and Winnower is one of the best agricultural machines ever in-rented, and that it is appreciated by the farming interest is evidenced by the fact that it has been sold in nearly every State in the Union, including California and Oregon. The manufacture of Tile for draining land is carried on largely in Albany. The statistics of this branch have evidently been underrated by the census-takers. The "Albany Drain-Tile Works", of which C. A. W. McCammoh are proprietors, is probably the largest of its kind in the United States. All descriptions of Drain Tile are made by them, including round tile from 1,25 to 2,25 inches, horse-shoe tile from 2,5 to 7,5 inches rise, and sole tile frou 2 to 6 inches rise. This is a very important and well-conducted establishment.
QUELLE[Bishop: History of American manufacturers 3 (1868) 240]